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Be Prepared For After The Floods and High Water

Equipment and Professional Advice for Dealers, Tradesmen, Aid Organisations and Affected Families.

When floods come up and high water levels rise, then speed is the key. Dikes have to be fortified, flood barriers have to be erected, buildings have to be protected and people have to be evacuated and brought to safety.

Speed is also the key factor when the floods have receded and the water has subsided and the flood clean up is about to begin. By acting fast and by acting now you can gain a cutting edge on the competition and ensure that you at least are prepared for the massive surge in demand for professional drying equipment. For sure, an army of dealers and tradesmen, a host of aid organisations, councils and local authorities, and wave after wave of home owners, insurance companies and specialist firms will clamour for the machines and appliances that are needed to dry the hundreds of thousands of homes and buildings which only a short time before were still submerged in thick, murky water.

Our Unique Blend of Expertise and Equipment:

  • Professional advice on water and flood damage for emergency services, aid organisations, boroughs, councils and local authorities
  • Equipment (building dryers, measuring equipment …) for dealers, wholesalers, tradesmen and companies specialised in water damage mitigation and restoration
  • Temporary solutions: machines & measuring equipment for hire for companies, councils and local authorities, hirers

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